Orange blossoms draped across our tree sing a song of praise to their Creator.  Their praise is the fragrant aroma they lift up to God.  Like wisps of smoke their praise reaches the throne of our Father.  A honeybee buzzes by and draws the sweet nectar from the blossom.  The blossom and bee have joined together in their song of praise as they merely carry out God’s purpose for their lives.  In my heart, I witness this miracle of  how all the earth sings praise to God. Psalm 66



6 thoughts on “PhotoPlay

  1. Janis,
    It does my heart good to know that I am not alone with the MILE LONG to do list…It never ceases to amaze me what I notice when I pause to actually SEE it all…the grains of sand that make up my life. TOO often they are the “sand between my toes.” I’m trying desperately to alter those thoughts!

    Peace to you! Those orange blossoms are gorgeous! Our apple blossoms have just brief…we’d miss them if we weren’t looking…another grain!
    thanks for the blessing!


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