Giving Thanks Forever


  “O Lord my God, I will give You thanks, forever!”  Psalm 30 ends with this proclamation from the depths of the writer’s heart.  What gives rise to such overwhelming thanksgiving to the Lord?  Does it come from a life where every circumstance and event has turned out as we hoped or expected?

     This kind of thanksgiving only comes after a period of trial.  After the Lord has pulled His child from the pit.  After one’s life has been shaken, torn apart, trampled on, and mocked by our spiritual enemy or even someone close.

     Sometimes,thanksgiving is on hold while we go through a confident, secure time where we become independent from God.  Then God hides His face.  And we are unprotected until we run into His strong tower or repentance.  Then the fountains of praise and thanksgiving gush forth from within us.

     My list of gratitude for Multitude Monday comes from a heart that is winding its way back to a place where it will overflow with deep praise as I see Him in every moment of my day:

     23. for flags flying high in many places
     24. for a day to pray for our nation while we still can
     25. for mountains of a layered rock jutting into the sky–their strength reminding me of You, Lord
           your strength and protection surrounding me
     26. for water-colored desert sunsets painted by God’s palette
     27. for sons that say, “Thanks, Mom, the dinner was  good.”
     28. for a dishwasher that doesn’t work so well
     29. for the promise of a new job at the university
     30. for my family’s patience with me in this writing adventure
     31. for reconnecting with long-time friends when they called in response to a post
     32. for neighbors who stop in to say, “hello”
     33. for a friend’s sincere encouragement
     34. for two cars washed by one of our sons
     35. for watching a clean and funny romantic comedy with my hubby
     36. for fresh lemons, fresh-squeezed by hubby
     37. for our home group
     38. for clothes to wash
     39. for a restful mother’s day and family joined together

Lift up your hearts today with songs of praise and thanksgiving to our God, who makes all things new.

“He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.”  Psalm 50:23 NIV

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1 thought on “Giving Thanks Forever

  1. I love how you framed this — that real thanksgiving comes from the depths of hard times…

    I am so glad you are winding your way back…
    Your voice is beautiful.

    All’s grace,
    Ann Voskamp

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