Talking in Circles–Day 11 of 31dbbb

     Today’s workshop assignment involved coming up with 10 new post ideas that we could spin off of a previous post.  Scribbling circles around my paper, the center of this balloon fest focused on today’s post that I wrote: Prayer–A Gift From God.  Looking like a chemistry explanation, the center exploded with ideas for 10 new posts. Because I am not adept at technical stuff (and my kids all disappeared when they heard, “Help me with my blog”), I will just list my ideas:

  1. How are we to pray? A list post
  2. Spiritual Journaling
  3. How other authors approach prayer
  4. I really don’t know much about prayer
  5. When God answered “yes” to one of my prayers
  6. A Prayer still waiting to be answered
  7. What happens when God says, “no”
  8. The answer to a prayer that made no sense
  9. Thoughts from an article on prayer
  10. The faith, prayer, obedience, and blessing connection

       This exercise helped me to see how new ideas can arise from old posts.  However, more importantly for me, it created the idea of how to build a series out of one post.  Not every topic will be as willing to produce new circles as the topic of Prayer.  But now I have a place for all of my hot air–inside the balloon circles.