The Storm Rages

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     The storm clouds have swirled around me, clung to me, laid damp and dreary against my chest.  I had no weather warning that a storm was brewing.  All I saw was bright blue sky dappled with feathery light clouds.
     How did it arise so quickly?  How did I miss the signs?  I should have run for shelter sooner, sought the Chief Weatherman’s advice.
     Now I’m cloaked in dreariness, looking for the storm to pass. Even just a patch of clearing would give me hope to shed this cloak.
     But the dark clouds keep hovering, the lightning flashes like knives to earth, and the thunder roars its angry threats. This storm plans on uprooting the peace and joy I saw reflected only moments ago in sunset’s pastel glow.
     While I wait out the storm, I’ll run into the Strong Tower and take shelter under His wings. There I’ll find  protection from the storm’s relentless beating and comfort in His soothing words.
     While the storm rages, I give thanks to silence the enemy’s clatter.

     On Multitude Monday, giving thanks for:

     55) an older son who brings comfort
     56) faithful friends who lift us up in prayer
     57) a neighbor-friend who took time to help me with my guest blog
     58) cool spring nights
     59) evening walks with Hubby and Chip, the wonder dog
     60) the Holy Spirit that seals me in the Father
     61) books that teach us how precious relationships are
     62) hugs from friends at church
     63) the smell and taste of chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven
     64) cell phones that keep us in touch with our children
     65) a new computer keyboard

     “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 NIV

     In what ways are you giving thanks today?

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4 thoughts on “The Storm Rages

  1. Stephani, Thank you for your contribution to this post. Climb in the boat with Jesus and trust Our Heavenly Father! Great!

    Rachel, Thank you for affirming that giving thanks does stop the enemy’s lightning darts.

    In Him,

  2. If Jesus could lie at the bottom of a boat asleep while a storm raged then we can too. It wasn’t because he was God that he had no fear, it was because he knew who his heavenly Father was, and trusted him. We have the same heavenly Father, and we can trust him. ~ (love those choc chip cookies!) 🙂

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