The Versatile Layered Shortcake


     As we finished the last slice of our patriotic Fourth of July desert, oldest said, “We have to think of other ways to make this throughout the summer.” The moist layers of sliced angel food loaf cake, fruit, and fresh whipped cream swirled together into a silky smooth epicurean delight.
     Using one’s creative juices and summer holiday splashes, numerous ideas for presentation could be concocted. With strawberries and blackberries, the top of the cake could be decorated in a simple summer desert. Or use fruit to spell out “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Summer,” “BBQ Time.” Let your creativity have a field day.
     In the meantime, here’s the recipe for the shortcake–my version.

     2 loaves of the light rectangularly-shaped angel food cake. These can be found by the berries or in your bakery section of your grocery store. If your market does not make them, Hostess makes the long loaves as well as the traditional circular shortcakes. Use the loaves.
     2 large containers of strawberries, washed, hulled and halved.
     1 Cup of blueberries
     2 Cups of fresh whipping cream in the dairy section (to be beaten by your mixer)

     Set aside 2 Cups of the halved strawberries, 2/3 Cup blueberries, 2 TBLS of sugar. Set the attractive 2 Cups of strawberries and 1/3 Cup of blueberries in another bowl to decorate the top. (Try raspberries or blackberries as an alternative)
     Whip the 2 Cups of whipping cream with an electric mixer. Add 6 TBLS of powdered sugar and 2 tsps of vanilla to the cream as you are whipping it.
     Slice the angel food cake into thin slices yielding 9 slices per layer (2 layers).
    Spread the sweetened fruit mixture and juice to the bottom layer. Swirl half of the whipped cream over the fruit.
     Add the second layer of 9 thin slices of angel food cake. Frost top of cake with remaining whipped cream.
     If you want to make an American Flag, use the 2/3 Cup of reserved blueberries to make the stars of the flag and the reserved strawberries to make the stripes.
     Be creative and have fun!

From My Heart to Yours,

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  1. Quick question – would this be part of my new 10,000 calorie a day “Sled Dog Diet” that I’m on? Sure hoping so…


  2. Just seeing your photo makes me hungry! Have a nice weekend. Mildred @ Hollyberry House

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