Time For A Break



     With the holidays upon us and issues to sort through in my life, I will be taking a break from blogging.
Thank you to all of my faithful followers who have inspired and encouraged me in this journey of writing. I pray you have blessed days with family and friends through this season. And, maybe, when I return to writing, we can reconnect again.

     Giving thanks to the Lord for:

     724) Coworkers who are friends that celebrated my birthday with gifts and a chocolate frosted cake, joy,  and laughter, inviting others to join
     725) Dinner out with the family–upscale Chinese food
     726) Brunch with my special friend at our cozy tea house, flowing with pink linens, floral table toppers, lace and porcelain tea cups
     727) Accomplishing an abundance of Christmas shopping, pushing even through exhaustion
     728) For sweaters and sweatshirts, nippy mornings pointing toward a change of season
     729) For the Book of Ruth full of hope and restoration
     730) For deep-dish pizza
     731) For wise counsel
     732) For friends who rush to meet your needs
     733) For my blogging friends who visit with encouraging comments and added insight to bless all those who stop by
     734) For warm weather comfort food
     735) For evenings with Hubby relaxing on the sofa and watching a favorite show

     The thank you list will be continued. Let’s enjoy a cup of tea together to remember the lovely days we’ve spent together and the hope of more to come in the future.

From My Heart to Yours,



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8 thoughts on “Time For A Break

  1. Dear Janis,
    I love your table and the cup of tea. I will miss your sharing with us but I totally understand we sometimes need to take break. I appreciate you letting me know. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hope you will be rejoining us in the new year.

  2. I will miss you, Janis. If you ever come to PA we will have to meet at a tea room. I know of several in our area, one in particular, Eternity Tea Room, in Everett, PA is run by a friend of mine. What a wonderful time of fellowship we would enjoy there. Have a very blessed, very meaningful Thanksgiving and Christmas and I will look for you in 2012!
    Much love,
    Pam at http://www.2encourage.blogspot.com

  3. Lovely table, Janis. It would be my pleasure to sit down with you and share a “spot of tea” and talk about stuff anytime –

    Enjoy your break – praying that God will reach into your heart with His tangible Presence and His deep Love and His immeasurable Peace.


  4. Janis,
    I support you in your break from writing and commit to pray for you as you seek God’s will and direction in your life.
    I pray you have a restful day of giving thanks and that you are able to enjoy family and friends.
    I really love the picture on your post today…love the china….so dainty and girlie.
    p.s. I will miss you terribly!

  5. I hope you have a restful break Janis; come back to visit soon! You will be missed! Keep up your thankful list of blessings, and have a joyful Thanksgiving holiday~

  6. Hi Janis,

    Oh, I am just getting to know you. Hope you will return soon. But I understand the need to take time and sort things out in one’s life. I hope and pray your issues will soon be resolved and that you have a blessed holiday.

    God Bless – Nita

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