Christ Has Risen–The Victory is Ours

            He is not here; He is risen, just as He said…Matthew 28:6 NIV

          The morning began under a shady tree on a grassy slope as strains of worship filled the air. While a whisper of wind built hopes of keeping the outdoor service cool, the Arizona hot ball of yellow soon beamed steamy rays on our church family.  But the worshipers were undaunted as their hearts lifted praises to the Risen Savior.
           Greetings rang out. “He is risen,” came from friends instead of the usual “Good morning.” “He is risen indeed,” or “Amen” returned the greeting.
           There is something mystical about corporate worship in God’s creation–even if one is roasting. A touch of heaven fills the heart as one can almost peer behind the veil into the presence of God.

          Matt Maher’s and Mia Fieldes’ song, “Christ Is Risen” struck a chord of hope in my heart again this morning:

          “Let no one caught in sin remain inside the lie of inward shame
           We fix our eyes upon the cross and run to Him who showed great love
           And bled for us; Freely You’ve bled for us

           Christ is risen from the dead; trampling over death by death
           Come awake, come awake; come and rise up from the grave
           Christ is risen from the dead; we are one with Him again
           Come awake, come awake; come and rise up from the grave.

           Beneath the weight of all our sin You bowed to none but heaven’s will
           No scheme of hell no scoffer’s crown; no burden great can hold You down
           In strength You reign; Forever let Your church proclaim

           Christ is risen from the dead; trampling over death by death
           Come awake, come awake; come and rise up from the grave
           Christ is risen from the dead; we are one with Him again
           Come awake, come awake; come and rise up from the grave.”
           (c)2009Thankyou Music, SHOUT! Publishing

            With full hearts we headed home to celebrate Christ’s victory in our lives and His love in our hearts.
            Our dinner table was full with Honeybaked ham, green beans parmesean, and what has come to be known fondly as “Those Potatoes” in our household. Amy’s fruit salad pudding added a cool touch for desert.


            Thanking the Lord for this week’s blessings:
             846) Oldest washed the dishes and brought a new friend over–so personable, easy to talk with, and friendly 🙂
             847) Evenings alone–just hubby and me chillin’ out
             848) the grace and grit to make Italian Easter Bread for Sunday morning’s breakfast
             849) the joy and hope found in worshiping Christ together this Resurrection morning
             850) yummy food

             851) flickering candlelight that slows the heart to enjoy the moment
             852) rays of sunlight beaming through the crystal cross
             853) Oldest next to us at church
             854) the joy of writing again and connecting with my blogging friends
             855) the countdown to the end of school has begun, and I keep sneaking peeks at our planned get-away into the Sierra Nevadas shortly after school is out
             856) Hubby bringing me a cup of coffee sweetened with creme brulee creamer~yum
             857) co-workers moving my computer to make more room on my desk–so thoughtful!
             858) a surprise bagel treat from our new partner-in-crime in the lab for us who work with visually impaired students
            859) a waft of butterscotch coffee brewing in our classroom/office tantalizes the taste buds
            860) both sons at home one evening this past week~chatting voices fill the family room and the feeling of home once again reigns between the walls and windows. My prayer, dear Lord, may it be this way often…and soon. 
            861) tear drops stain a little girl’s cheeks as she finds me, the only adult she spots. “I can’t find my little sister,” she chokes out in short breaths. I stroke her silken black hair and reassure her that we will find her. Is there a greater joy than bringing comfort to a little child?

            May your week be filled with the joy of our Risen Savior!

From My Heart to Yours,

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4 thoughts on “Christ Has Risen–The Victory is Ours

  1. Beautiful, Janis – and may I just say that it’s a PLEASURE having your voice in Blog Land again. I’ve truly missed you.

    Love your list of gratitudes – and I join you in celebrating the Lord we praise.

    Oh, and next Easter? I’m coming to Arizona for the food…and fellowship!!


  2. Oh, I love Arizona and would love to worship there. I’ve only visited 3 times but felt so much better while there. So happy your children were able to share in your Resurrection meal. I’m enjoying your music and will leave your page up to hear it all — my kind of music!

  3. I love your list of every day blessings. Many of them are so very special. The food you served at your table looks so good. Yum! Yes, the end of the school year is fast approaching. For me, it will be sad to say goodbye to the children I’ve grown to love.

    Blessings and love,

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