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     Do you ever wish you could hear the clear whispers of God regarding His direction for your writing? Do you struggle to convey the ideas within your heart? Do you long for Scripture that will address these issues along with a meditation from an experienced writer to guide you?

     I’ve found the secret answer for these questions and even more.

     A to Z Devotions for Writers by Pamela D. Williams will take the writer by the hand and speak to those questions in her heart. Through practical stories, experiences from her life, and Scripture, Pam outlines the way we writers can conquer, not only our questions, but some of our fears as well. Every topic from A to Z is covered in her devotional.

     I have often questioned if I’m really pursuing God’s calling in my life, for this time in my life. Pam answered this clearly with Scripture and a resounding “Yes!” She writes in her book, “In Matthew 28:19, God instructs all believers to share the ‘Good News’. Though we may doubt ourselves, God has granted writers the ability to craft thoughts into words that will draw and nurture others in their relationship with God.”

     In addition to the devotions for each topic, Pam challenges the writer at the end of each alphabet letter to pick out one point that impressed him or her–and to write about it. This is not only a devotional but a tool for honing your skills as a writer.

     Some of the topics covered in Pam’s book include writing from God’s Word; how to hook the reader; a fellowship of writers; the day-to-day grind of writing; the power of writing; and of course–how to get published. This only scratches the surface of all that she covers in this book.

     Pam is a fellow blogger who has written several devotionals and other articles for publications such as Live, Vista, The Upper Room, The Secret Place, Evangel, Catholic Digest, and others.In addition she has written stories that have appeared in six series of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

     You can find this humble but accomplished writer at:

     Pamela D. Williams’ book, A to Z Devotions for Writers, can be purchased at

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10 thoughts on “Devotions for Writers

  1. Thank you. I’m in one of those questionable situations.. Have the book(s) written, but haven’t figured out how to have them published in our present-day world. So complicated. AND not cheap!! AND can’t afford much. This thinking you shared is good, and helping me. Thanks much!

  2. Hi Janis! What a lovely review! I have just ‘met’ Pam in the blog-world and was so impressed by her credentials. And who can’t use affirmations in writing? It’s such a solitary, and scary thing to do.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I love getting recommendations of good books to read. Especially about fellow bloggers. 🙂 Sounds like a great resource on many levels. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for this recommendation! It looks like a book I would really love. I am pinning this so I won’t forget to read it. So glad you shared!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing about this resource. Definitely going to check this out on Amazon! So glad to have visited from Playdates today as well.

  6. Great recommendation! I enjoy her blog, so I’m sure I would love her devotional. I will check it out.

    Hope your week is starting on a happy note!


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