Friendship Grows Together and Apart


 “Hand grasps hand, eye lights eye in good friendship, And great hearts expand, And grow one in the sense of this world’s life.” Robert Browning

This past week our eyes lit up as we shared laughter and learning, Pinterest kitchen delicacies and memories of a good friendship that started long ago in that far away land of California. Beth and I were editor and writer on our Christian community’s publication more than 30 years ago when life was exploding with excitement and the taste of the Lord was so fresh on our lips. Beth recalled how the details of getting the publication to print fell apart when hubby and I suddenly became parents of our precious first adopted son. I left the office and didn’t return for two months, leaving my assistant editor in charge with no instructions. Now, how could I even think of what was supposed to happen next on the publication when I cradled this warm breath of life in my arms?

We laughed over spelling corrections I had made on her articles back then while I listened today with eyes full of wonder as she explained the writing program for homeschooling families she and her husband had developed. It’s a video wonder of our great country with cameos of an energetic Beth in character for that place and time. All to stir up the desire for writing in elementary students across our nation. Check their program out at “Here to Help Learning”–you will be amazed.

But the wonder of this friendship is how God so carefully crafted it. A friendship that has lasted over distance and little contact; how its essence has changed to mirror our different lives, and how it’s grown according to the unique ways God has led each of us. It’s a friendship that expands the heart to embrace more than what kindled those embers from bygone days.

20140704_11240320140704_113736In this past week, I watched two of her children transform my kitchen into a Pinterest experiment. I listened as her 20-year-old son and my engineering hubby discussed the intricacies of logic and computers–something for which I claim no affinity. While daughter Tiffany swam back and forth for hours in our pool, her brother and our two husbands  pieced together the majesty of Yosemite in puzzle format–true engineering form.

Beth became instructor and editor this week, honing my skills in blogging technology and techniques. My, how times have changed~and yet the friendship grows.

Besides all the sharing, reminiscing, moments with her children, the highlight of my week came when we introduced Beth’s daughter to our ultra feminine tea house. In keeping with a Victorian theme, Tiffany donned her colonial dress (the closest to the theme) and put on her most ladylike manners and tea pouring abilities. Such a delight.

“The most beautiful discovery that true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” Elizabeth Foley



What a blessing God gives us when He gifts our lives with friendships that grow with life’s seasons and changes of time. Remember to cultivate the soil of such friendships that they may continue to blossom in His Sonlight.

“Trust should be in the living God who always richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6:17 TLB


Be sure to stop by on Monday when I introduce three of my friends who blog in one of Blogland’s newest style “Blog Hop.” Look forward to seeing you then.

From My Heart To Yours,


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9 thoughts on “Friendship Grows Together and Apart

  1. I love you Janis! Thank you for capturing our friendship in your blog. I will treasure this always! The Lord is so good!

    • Hi Beth, the blessing was ours to have you and your family stay with us. What wonderful memories we’ve created to add to those we already have. Glad you are home safe. Can’t wait to see the product from your marathon filming and writing!
      Love you, too! Janis

  2. How beautiful! I pray that our friendship will also continue to develop and flourish as the years go by!!

    • Hi Mary, I look forward to our friendship continuing to grow as God has been the source of its birth. I am so blessed to have you as a special friend in my life!
      Love, Janis

  3. Beautiful. There is nothing more precious than that old friendship. I’m an adoptive mamma too. Thanks for sharing your story here!

    • Thank you for visiting Marcy. It’s wonderful to meet other adoptive Moms. We’ll have to keep in touch.
      Blessings, Janis

  4. Janis, what a wonderful reflection of the beauty of friendships. Warmed my heart to read this. And I look forward to coming back tomorrow to read your post.
    Blessings to you, friend.

    • Thank you, Beth, for being such a kind and faithful friend. You bless my life with your visits!
      Blessings, Janis

  5. It is such a blessing when neither time nor distance can separated a friendship. I would say, you are all blessed! And I am looking forward to meeting your three friends tomorrow! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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