A Comfortable Place

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“It’s what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” Oscar Wilde

Just returning from a prolonged visit to the dentist with a half-numbed face, I picked up a cozy book I had been reading and tucked myself into the corner of our blue tweed sofa. Comfort time and just what the dental assistant had recommended. Actually she had suggested a nap and ibuprofen. I felt woozy but knew a good book could do more for me than an hour’s rest.

Jan Karon’s latest book, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good, snuggled onto my lap. I had been reading it between writing assignments and my new found attraction, “Words With Friends.” I knew reading about Father Tim Kavanagh, his wife, Cynthia, and the people and happenings of Mitford would breathe comfort into my weary spirit.

As I turned the pages, I found myself laughing at times, crying at others. Wisdom, such as the above quote from Karon’s book, and nuggets from Father Kavanagh resonated with my spirit. I was transported to the comfort of a small town with its humor and its difficulties. Therein would lie the wisdom of the timid Father who often struggles with his inabilities to solve others’ problems as well as his own. Always seeking the voice of the Lord, and lifting all prayer requests to the One who watches over all with “the prayer that never fails,”–“Your will be done.”


Many have reviewed and written accolades about Karon’s Mitford series books and her unique characters. While I am an avid fan of her Mitford writings, that is not the purpose of this post.

The above Oscar Wilde quote reminded me that I need to be careful with the type of books and reading material that I take in because it does determine how I will act (Click to Tweet) in those impulsive moments. Isn’t it then so important that I spend more time in the Lord’s Word and Bible studies that will fill my soul with the proper reactions? And in my leisure reading, it is just as important to nourish my mind with ideals, values, and wisdom that form my actions. It could be added that what we see in movies and on television programs, likewise influence the inner eye of our souls.

Karon’s incorporation of faith that seeks to please God through Father Tim’s thoughts and actions as well as some of the other characters in her books made this book not only a comfortable choice to counter my day’s ordeal but it was also a choice that fed my spirit.

Interestingly enough, as I wrote this blog post, I hit a key on my iPad keyboard–something I am not used to typing on–that brought up music. Music probably stored on one of my devices. Strains of “El Shaddai” recorded many years ago by Amy Grant, whispered through my story. I paused and praised God for His miraculous and varied ways of revealing His presence (Click to Tweet). Such peace.

May you find yourself basking in His peace this day.

โ€œThe eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” Matthew 6:22 NIV

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14 thoughts on “A Comfortable Place

  1. Janis,
    How funny, I just picked up that book from the library…Thanks for the recommendation…and I’m glad you were able to read and enjoy God’s presence ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dolly,
      How fun that you just picked up this book as well! I know you will enjoy it.

    • Lori,
      It’s good to see you here. I’ve missed you my friend since Internet Cafe changed their format. But I read your posts whenever I get a chance, and I am always blessed!

  2. Janis, Your post is timely. I have found that in my new venue of life in the country where snow slows down the world a bit. Snuggling up with my Kindle is a fun thing to do. I have chosen several fun and encouraging books too. However this past week I had picked a set of novels about the old west. Unfortunately I found myself reading something not so pure. I discarded the book with a reminder to select more wisely next time. I then chose a tried and true author. Thanks for the update I will add and probably re-read the Karon series again.

    • Julie,
      Sorry it took so long to reply to you. I’m glad to hear that the Holy Spirit led you in your selection of books.
      This new one by Jan Karon is inspirational and uplifting as it draws us closer to the kind of relationship we need to have with the Lord.
      Miss you my friend,

  3. Janis,
    Beautiful post – we need to keep a distance from anything that is not glorifying God. I loved the Jan Karon books and will certainly remember to read this one. Hopefully our church library orders it.

    • Hi Janis,
      Sorry this reply has been long in the making. Thank you for stopping by and reminding us to read only those things that are glorifying to God.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. You are the second gal to speak so highly of this Karon book. I clicked on your first tweet; I’m seeing a lot of this and have to learn how to do this. Very effective I think. We do become what we read and I always am blessed at your website.

    • Mary,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s always a pleasure to have you visit.
      I know you will enjoy Jan Karon’s books from the beginning of her Mitford series through to the present one, “Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good.” It just enlivens the spirit.
      Enjoy, my friend.

    • Hi Ginger,
      Glad to meet you. Jan Karon’s Mitford books pull me into a world of warmth, love, and the reality of lived out faith in God by a humble servant. They are definitely a good place to be.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Sharon! It is wonderful to see you here! Thank you for sharing what a difference daily Bible readings and devotionals have made in your life. I pray the storms will settle down.
    Of course I will hop over and read about my second favorite dog, Marty!
    Blessings and love,

  6. I have not read any of Karon’s books, but I have read great reviews of them! There is something about small-town living that appeals – I get a taste of that up here on the mountain, and it is refreshing.

    Last year I didn’t keep up with my daily Bible reading and devotionals. And it made a difference. This year I’ve re-dedicated myself to this discipline, and I notice that though the storms and suffering still come, I am much more anchored to the One Who Walks On Water!


    (P.S. Just posted Monday something about Marty if you get a chance to visit!)

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