The Sweet Taste That Lingers; Day 8 in 31 dbbb

   My cousin and I were reminiscing by email about my mother’s delicious baked goods.  It is an undisputed fact in our family that my Mom, Aunt Louise, was a great cook  She whipped up a delicious chocolate cake that was light and moist, smothered in rich milk chocolate.  My cousin was hoping to secure that recipe, now buried somewhere in my pantry–I hope.
     Our conversation was spurred by my list of gratitudes that she had viewed from a previous day.  It included thanksgiving for my Mom’s old orange loaf recipe.  My cousin requested that one as well. I could lay my hands on it as I had just made the melt-in-your-mouth loaf.
     Our ticking back and forth on the keys became amusing as I noted the recipe probably originated in the 1940s from a Betty Crocker insert in the flour bags.  You could hear the laughter through the computer as she noted the mixing instructions said, “you may rest a moment when beating by hand.”  Because whether you beat the batter by hand or with that new fangled contraption–the mixer–it would still take four minutes.  Someone at Betty Crocker was taking pity on the poor cook!
     In a similar way, our Lord has compassion on us when He calls us away to rest.  All of our new inventions that have made life easier, have not made life simpler.  We just add more activities to fill those extra minutes provided by our electronic wonders.
     Have you taken time to rest in the Lord today and taste His goodness?  It is even better than Mom’s orange loaf or chocolate cake!  Enjoy the sweetness that lasts!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 NIV

“Taste and see that the Lord is good:…” Psalm 34:8 NIV

Today’s post is part of the 31 dbbb.  Our assignment was to interlink our posts, giving the reader more information, more articles to peruse. I linked the words “gratitutes” and “orange loaf recipe” to last week’s post, Every Good and Perfect Gift, which included mention of my Mom’s recipe.




9 thoughts on “The Sweet Taste That Lingers; Day 8 in 31 dbbb

  1. Such a wonderful gift you have been given!
    Thanks for reminding me to take time to
    draw away and rest with the One who gives
    Your friend Julie

  2. Thank you Cindy for visiting. I know how life can be soooo busy. Thank you for the compliment on the photo. I’m really enjoying experimenting with the pictures–just takes time. I get some good ideas of how to do things from Holy Experience, High Calling Blogs, and Claire b, to mention just a few.

    I’ll post the orange loaf recipe on Friday, so you can make it for church.

    In Him,

  3. My dear Cousin Patcee,
    How sweet to hear your growing trust in the Lord. I could see this last week when you responded to my list of gratitudes. Your list included finding gratefulness even in daily things that do not go well.
    I love you.
    Recipes, I promise

  4. Great points, Janis. I’m one of those people who gets too busy to make stuff like orange loaf. Only if you post the recipe, maybe I’ll make it for the church this weekend. I usually make the bread, but a change might be nice.

    And I love the photo, too–great idea.

    Blessings, Cindy

  5. You are really becoming creative with your
    picture taking – love the mixer and stuff –
    maybe some day you will include some of your
    Mother’s receipts – yesterday, when you took
    pictures of the mountains – at first I thought, she is alone up on the mountain
    taking pictures, how dangerous is that? –
    then I realized you were in the City taking
    pictures with a long lens – I do not like to
    be alone, and do get scared – but little by
    little reading your blogs, I know I’m not
    alone that God is with me/us always – just
    need to slow down and take the time to

  6. With all the new contraptions out on the market, I think we have lost the ability to enjoy some of the tasks that once seemed mundane.

    I can make peach cobbler in the oven and watch TV at the same time. But I love to make it in a dutch oven outside with campfire coals. I don’t get to watch tv, but instead, I get to watch a fire burn down low and the coals appear. I don’t know if it really tastes any better, but I think I enjoy it more due to the effort and love I put into it.

    Too often these days, our lives are ready made out of a box. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  7. Janis,

    What a gift you have for turning these everyday experiences into food for thought about our walk with Christ.

    Thank you!


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