January’s Favorites

The Arizona Sunset speaks peace

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     May your February be filled with many heavenly blessings.
From My Heart to Yours,


     Holly from “Beneath the Big Oak”  awarded me the  
“Stylish Blogger Award”
     It was a blessing to open up my blog today and find this special award from Holly
who has an artistically designed blog with a warm inviting appeal. Her close up photos 
make you want to pinch those little cherub cheeks. She also cooks up a storm and has photos that make you drool on the screen.
    As part of this award, I have the opportunity to enlighten you about 7 characteristics about me that you may not already know.
  1. I still have a great fondness for California–its snow-covered Sierras and cool mountain streams. The waves that rhythmically pull my cares away with the tide as it curls back under to the sea. Coastal communities tucked into crags along the bluffs–places like Carmel, Point Lobos, Big Sur. God’s creation that invites you to come explore, rest, hike, and cuddle closer to the Creator. And to top it off, it holds my cousins with all the memories of our childhood and youthful escapades.
  2. I’ve learned to love Arizona with its bold and brilliant sunsets. Like none other. The summer monsoons mesmerize me with the sparking lightning and thunderous roars.  The pounding, wind-whipped rains. Could watch them for hours. I’m blessed by the friends we’ve made here, our church fellowship and outreach, the Word of God that has fallen on this parched desert soul. I’ve found God’s creation here to have its own beauty, and I never tire of touring our visiting friends to places here that speak of God’s creativity even in a desert.
  3. I love snow and long to take a horse-drawn sleigh ride across the fields of Idaho.
  4. I love to travel. Hawaii is my favorite destination.
  5. Homemade Italian food is my favorite. Restaurants just can’t compare.
  6. We were a Sandwich Generation for years. Our children grew up with Grandmother, and Grandmother bestowed her wisdom and love upon them.  A blessing beyond compare even in the storms. 
  7. I’m sentimental. I treasure friendships that last for decades. And above all, I love the Lord because He offers me a forever friendship.

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Take a moment to visit with these ladies and enjoy their God-gifted talents. 

Ladies, if you are an award-free blog or if you do not have the time to participate, please know that your blogs bless and inspire me.




      5 thoughts on “January’s Favorites

      1. Thank you, Janis for sharing this award with me. I don’t live near the ocean, but our large Lake Champlain refreshes me during the warmer months in Vermont. There’s something precious to me by the water, in the water…a peace, serenity; it’s always been this way for me ♥

      2. Janis:

        I so appreciate your thoughtfulness in including me on this list.

        I enjoyed reading about you – I love exploring the outdoors and feel especially close to the Creator when I’m surrounded by His creation.


      3. Oh Janis, You don’t know how much you have encouraged me today. Thank you for this. I feel honored and humbled that you would include me in your list. God bless you!

      4. Janis – Thank you so much for including me on your list! That was so very thoughtful!
        You continue to be one of my favorite places to visit for a word of refreshing encouragement, or insightful inspiration. God bless you for sharing your talents – I am a better person and believer because of your friendship in my life!

        GOD BLESS!

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