Lip-Smackin’ Ribs on the Fourth of July


     Oldest has learned the fine art of grilling mouthwatering, face-smudging, finger-licking good baby back pork ribs. He is the official Rib-Master at our home. Watching all those cooking shows between classes has paid off, some.
     Well, it seems mighty simple but it takes a watchful eye.
     He first gives the ribs a rub down with some garlic powder and a Weber steak rub from the market. Then he sets the ribs on a low heat over an indirect flame for 2 hours or less. That’s why you have to watch them and turn them. About 45 minutes to a half hour before they are ready to come off the grill, he slathers them in Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey Barbecue Sauce. Both sides. Yum.

     For Memorial Day, he also cooked corn-on-the-cob in their husks on the grill for about a 1/2 hour while we kept the ribs warm on the lowest setting of the oven. Before grilling the corn, we soaked the cobs in water to clean them ? for about 1 hour or more. That was the best corn I’ve ever had!
     So guess who’s cooking for the Fourth of July? Yep! The Rib-Master–our oldest.

     Have a Happy Fourth of July

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  1. You’re making me HUNGRY! These look terrific. Can’t wait to eat some this weekend! Happy 4th. 🙂

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