Cover Me Under Your Wings


“Because you are my help, 
I sing in the shadow of 
your wings.
I stay close to you;
your right hand uphold me.”
Psalm 63:7 NIV
From My Heart to Yours,

SUNDAY STILLNESSScripture and Snapshot



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6 thoughts on “Cover Me Under Your Wings

  1. Breathtaking photo! Staying close to the Lord is the only way to find the strength to mount up on wings like eagles…


  2. Thank you for the reminder to stay close to Him, Janis. As the week wears on and energy and focus wane, we have a tendency to wander. We are strongest when we are closest to Him.

  3. Hi Janis! I love the idea of soaring under the Lord’s power. That’s how it is with him. What a wonderful reminder of his tender care.

    Happy Sunday, my friend!

  4. Oh my…your photo is beautiful! I love this verse too and brings a feeling of comfort I need this morning. Thank you friend! Wishing you a blessed Sunday.

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