God’s Perfect Timing

Baby Timmy And Us

On our ride back from a San Diego weekend that glistened with joy, the love of family, and the closeness of friends, I carefully pulled my Bible with its broken binding out of the red tote bag and read the day’s Scripture to our family. It seems the only time we do this though, is when we are tucked in our car together on long trips where no one can escape.

That Monday, June 16, was our oldest son Tim’s birthday. With anticipation I flipped to the day’s reading and almost gasped. The timing was more than uncanny. It had

Baby Tim with Daddy

Baby Tim with Daddy

the hand of God written all over it. I read the short meditation from James 1:27. “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble.”

Our son is adopted. We took him home from the hospital when he was two days old and cradled him in our arms ever since. How was it that I unknowingly read the words God had planted in “Our Daily Bread” devotional for that day? I don’t read the devotional daily like I should but God knew I would that day. And He planned to speak straight to our son’s heart as well as ours.

I flipped open my Bible to the entire reading from James 1:27 through 2:1 while hubby steadily drove down the interstate highway. When I finished, I started the devotional but my words choked off. It talked about a young man who was part of a high school team that visited orphanages and the trip had stirred sensitive memories for him.

My mind was whirring with wonderment at how this would affect Tim. Should I stop? Truth was I could hardly speak anyway. But I haltingly made it through the description. The young man being described was questioned about what upset him and he revealed that 10 years before this, he had been in an orphanage himself. He had seen visitors come and go but he always remained after the visitors left. Never adopted until a special woman came along and made him her forever son .

BabyTimmyWithMommy (5)The story continues, relating how the teenagers prayed over this young man, thanking God for the woman who loved him. Who committed her life to giving his life new meaning.

Adopted children carry a sense of rejection despite the love they are given by their new parents so I pondered what feelings this story would stir in our son.

When I found my voice through the tears, I said to Tim, “Wasn’t this amazing that God had this devotional written so it would appear on your birthday? How significant is that?”

We continued zooming down the interstate. A peaceful silence rested upon us as we contemplated God’s wondrous works.

What signs has God given you where you have witnessed Him do the unbelievable in your life?

From My Heart To Yours,


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15 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Timing

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  2. I love when God works out timing like that. I’m so glad you were able to read the adoption devotional on your son’s birthday! God is so very capable of more than we can imagine.

  3. Oh, Janis, this is beautiful. God has given me so many signs that He is present and active in my life…too many to count! But recently, it’s been through that VBS music from last week. He is so good!

  4. That precise devotional was planted there by God for that very moment when you would view it. Our God is amazing !! Thank you for sharing your lovely story with us here at “Tell me a Story.”

  5. What a wonderful thing God did for both you and your son! Our two oldest grandkids are adopted and we couldn’t love them more.

  6. Janis, such a beautiful story of the God incidence in our lives. He weaves together a beautiful tapestry of all the little moments we could not begin to foresee how they all come together to tell of his fingerprint on our lives.

  7. Janis, simply beautiful. I was holding back tears. Isn’t God amazing? Wow! Thank you so much for sharing with Three Word Wednesday. It’s always so good to see you linkup. Blessings. xoxo

  8. Isn’t that just like the Lord to show up so personally on a birthday like that. Like a special birthday hug just for Tim. Love how you described it! Oh, I know that trek to San Diego and back so well because we have family also there! My Joyce Meyer CD’s are constantly playing! Do you ever break it up in Dateland? Ever try their date peanut butter cookies??? I picked up a couple I thought I’d gift my girlfriend who loves that place and the ride was so boring Tom and I ate them both! I’m not proud of that.


  9. What a beautiful gift for Tim right from the heart of God. (Loved the pictures too)

  10. Oh Janis, this was heartbreakingly (in a good way) beautiful. Happy Birthday to Tim, and I hope he knows how much joy he has brought to your family. It sounds like that car was *hallowed ground* the other day!

    God did something quite small the other day, but it meant so much to me. I have always thought of the Holy Spirit when I see butterflies. And they have always seemed to arrive at just the *perfect* time. I’ve been toughing out an anxious season as of late, and the other day I was absolutely couch-bound. I was quietly praying for God to help me, when the biggest butterfly started fluttering right outside the window. It stayed for the longest time…

    I happen to think that God does amazing things in my life – even if it’s *just* sending a butterfly my way.


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