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Autumn Arrives

October rolled around and I had forgotten about the 31-day challenge to write every day on one particular topic. I’m late to the party but hoping I can add a little something here each day until the end of October. Even that will be a challenge for me. My topic will revolve around “Linking with Jesus.”

Aren’t there so many things on the internet that ask us to link up with them? Everything from the “Linked-In” site itself to people on social media and even to our blogs. But how often do I link up with Jesus? Connect with Him, one-on-one, listen for His heartbeat, meditate on His words of love? For me, not often enough. I can find a million other distractions that draw me to listen and act on what I’ve heard or seen.

The idea for this topic came to me the other day while I was digging in the dirt, making mud pies out of my fresh potting soil so that my new mums would have a moist, welcoming home. While separating the dirt to make a hole for the deepest purple mum, strains of familiar music from a nearby parked car reached my ears.

A smile broke across my face as I recognized the tune from my early teen years. My first inclination was to wonder why the young boys across the street were listening to such “Oldies” music. Then I thought perhaps it was a remake of the original song and something that might be popular again these days.

As I listened, I felt transported to those times. The mood I felt when I heard the song, the crush on had on some young guy at the time, the place I had been, and yes, almost feeling young again. I couldn’t stand the curiosity. So groaning I raise myself up from the kneeling position in front of my plants to see where the music was originating. Another smile as I recognized an older neighbor stepping out of his car.

“Ah,” I thought to myself.” He’s got an “Oldies” station on. Wishing he’d kept the music on, I went back to my planting and thought about how much music moves me. It enlivens my emotions and creates images in my mind.

If secular music can carry me away to a place I remember fondly–although some can strike melancholy or sad notes in my memory–how much more should I be listening to praise music which carries me to throne of Christ where I can experience His forever love? It leaves the sweet taste of the Lord like honey on my lips and in my heart.

I want to link up with His words set to melodious rhythms and to see His face, remembering the joys of when we first met and the many times He has blessed my life. Such sweet memories on which to dwell.

“As the deer panteth for the water
So my soul longeth after thee
You alone are my heart’s desire
And I long to worship thee

You alone are my strength, my shield
To you alone may my spirit yield
You alone are my heart’s desire
And I long to worship thee”

Taken from Psalm 42:1-2


From My Heart To Yours,


8 thoughts on “The Music Connection

  1. My husband and I actually had that song at our wedding 29 years ago. We both had loved it for a long time. And, any time I’m reading Psalm this jumps at me. Made me smile. Thanks.

    • I love when I hear the songs that were played at our wedding. Especially the one we selected for when I walked down the aisle–“Ode to Joy” or Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Glad this made you smile, Joanne. We just had our 38th anniversary in June. Praise God for His blessings.

  2. Those oldies had words that meant something and I too loved those old songs. I also love the old hymns and although some of the new chorus words are nice, they should not replace the hymns of old. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    • Hi Hazel,
      Thank you for dropping in. I really enjoy the old hymns as well. It’s fun to hear that you enjoyed those old songs, too. I agree with you that they had more meaning than the “noise” you hear over the speaker systems in grocery and department stores. It drives me out the door pretty quickly! Saves money, though.
      Blessings and love,

  3. Welcome to the write31days party! So glad you joined in. What a great topic too. I love, love, love music and love signing praise to Him. Actually, Christian music is all that I now listen to. It just soothes my soul and keeps me connected to Him. Blessings to you, sweet friend. I look forward to following along. xoxo

  4. Janis, I too, am often moved by music. It amazes me how often I will find myself humming & when I pay attention, it is an old song which came back to me. Sometimes even as I am writing a post, a song comes to me. I am so grateful our God has given so many creative and beautiful words to deposit His Word into our lives. So glad you shared!

  5. Janis, this was so lovely (and it was wonderful to see you in Blog Land!). I too am transported by music. It’s one reason why I love the old hymns. The stories behind the lyrics are such testimonies to the faith of those who have preceded us, and such a lasting testimony to the One who will ever be the same.


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