A Friendly Touch Tucked in the Mail

It wasn’t my birthday or any special day of the year to expect mail.Card from a friend

But this card gently landed in our mailbox which is inconveniently located in one of these modern stations with a jumble of boxes a few blocks away from our home. When I read the return address and saw the artistic calligraphy, I wondered why my friend was writing me at this time of the year.

Once I arrived home, I carefully opened the card with a silver-handled letter opener. My heart was warmed by the words I found inside. My friend was writing me simply to let me know that I was in her thoughts. Even though she follows our family’s antics and adventures on Facebook, she wrote “snail mail is still more personal.”

Memories of the special times we had shared rushed over me and I found myself savoring her every word. It was as if she had dropped by for a personal visit. I could hear her voice, see her smile, even hear her laughter.

Envelopes by Tricia J Flickr Creative Commons

Envelopes by Tricia J
Flickr Creative Commons

I have treasured this card so much that it remains on our kitchen counter where I can view it many times a day. She said she was waiting for our Christmas letter but I think this personal call deserves something hand-penned by me before our typed and decorated yearly missive is sent.

This is Five-Minute Friday. One word prompt by Kate Motaung. Write for five minutes on the word. No edits. A community of writers. (I must confess, I took a little longer as this was my first time back in months.)

From My Heart to Yours,

8 thoughts on “A Friendly Touch Tucked in the Mail

  1. Beautiful words, Janis! There is nothing like a handwritten note to make my day. Your friend knew exactly what you needed when you needed it. Thank you for this beautiful offering.

  2. What a blessing to receive an unexpected treasure from a valued friend. Definitely worth keeping in full view! Thanks for sharing.
    Your neighbour at FMF.

  3. Special cards are saved at my house, too. Since my gift is words of encouragement, I save those special cards to read over and over to encourage my soul. KZ

    • Karen, you are so good about sending encouraging cards to others as well. I’ve been the blessed recipient of some of your thoughtful messages. Thank you for sharing with us here today.

  4. Cards like that are a treasure in so many ways. And it’s true, we all can follow one another on social media but the personal connection seems to come in the handwriting. Knowing someone took time to write to the one. I love that the prompt is prompting us all to do that – to remember just one person and write. And I loved following your antics 🙂 Your photos are beautiful! xo

    • The handwriting really makes that personal connection, Joanne. You are so right. I’m happy, as well, to see that the word prompt this week is asking us to remember just one person and send a handwritten note. Glad you enjoyed our photos and crazy antics. Wait til I post the photo of me on a camel–if I get brave enough!

  5. A surprise card like that is one life’s simplest gift but can really make a difference. I know they have for me. I should do it more.

    • Hi, Wanda. I think we all need to use this form of communication and encouragement more often. I just bought some encouraging cards from DaySpring when they were on sale, and I intend to send out some of those notes. My friend, Karen, one of the commenters below, is so good about having cards on hand for just such occasions. And she always sends them with a personal, handwritten note.
      Hope all is well with you.

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