Mom~A Word Full of Many Meanings

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Mom–the word conjures up memories, feelings, longings, blessings, and sometimes regrets or grief.

On the most difficult of days, sometimes, I wish I could just call up my Mom or step in the next room and collapse on her bed with my burdens from the day. My Mom was a good listener. I was her only child, though, which made it easier for her to accomplish this. But this was really my Mom’s heart. She was a good listener for everyone and treasured by many relatives.

Mom was my shopping partner on many days when friends weren’t available or I just didn’t want to shop alone. The curse of being an only child. She also liked to travel with me. As I lost my Dad at 16, Mom and I grew even closer together. Capturing my Dad’s escapades of taking drives on Sundays, Mom and I would set out in my car and sometimes just drive through towns, drinking in the floral beauty and the homes. Then we would turn around and come back.

We even took long weekend trips with my friends, some capturing the most hysterical moments in our lives. Something quirky usually happened that caused us all to laugh. Once Mom opened a hotel door to find a blank wall. Us gals in the car were so tired we thought it hysterical to walk into a wall. Then there was the time she was called “Mother Superior” by our waiter–you know, the mother along with all of her young girls.  And there was the time after our first child came along and she went to Mothers’ Beach in California with us ladies and babies. The seagulls cruised Mom and left a present in her nest of hair. We all worked to clean that up!

But my most precious times were in her later years when my family was growing up and she was living with my husband and our two sons. She had major surgery and the days and months following always brought a new twist or turn to her health but nothing severe. There is no greater blessing than being able to care for your Mom and return the love you have received all of your life.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I still love you. Thank you for all you did to make me who I am today.

Participating in Five-Minute Friday at Kate Motaung’s today. This is meant to be an exercise to write for five minutes on the word of the week. No editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. I must admit that this week I went overtime. Too much to say in 5 min. And so much still left out.

From My Heart to Yours,

12 thoughts on “Mom~A Word Full of Many Meanings

  1. Oh Janis – I just saw this wonderful tribute to your Mother and our Aunt Louise – how true that she was a Mother Superior – we all loved her so much – she was such a gentle person – we all miss her to this day – love you , Patcee xxx

    • Thanks, Patcee, for your encouraging words. Mom was definitely special and loved by many. Thank you for expressing your love for her, here.
      Love you, Cousin,

  2. Janis, this was so special to read. Your mom sounds lovely and you are so blessed to have such wonderful memories of her. I totally agree… “NO timer when the subject matter is my Mom!” 🙂
    Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️
    Your neighbour at FMF, Shauna

    • Thank you, Shauna. I pray your Mother’s Day is happy as well. What a privilege to have you stop by. I look forward to knowing you better and reading your new book!

  3. This is lovely, Janis! What I like most is the way you cared for her after her surgery and remarked how good it was to give back to her. I feel the same. The last days my mom was on earth were meaningful–her humility, her compliments–her faith. I cherish it all. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    • Happy Mother’s Day to you, too, Mary. I was blessed with a loving husband who knew from before we married that we would care for my mother throughout most of our marriage. He was and still is quite wise. He knew the mutual attachment and recognized Mom’s need to be with us. And my need to have her there.
      I was tremendously blessed in those days of her surgery to see God move through Scripture and Christian songs to restore her miraculously. And when we brought her home, I had the privilege of securing her faith through nightly Scripture readings. I am so grateful she was with us and was coherent to the end.

  4. Beautifully written and a sweet tribute to your precious Mom!!! I remember some of those memories and blessed that I got to be a part of them with your mom. Love you my friend ❤️

    • My dearest friend, Ceal! What a joy to share this snippet of my life with Mom and to know you were part of those sweet memories. I’ve been doubly blest–a Mom and a best friend who listen to my woes, sift them through loving hands, and give me back wisdom and encouragement. I love you my best friend!

  5. Janis, lovely post and wonderful stroll through memory lane. It is a blessing to have so many fond memories of your mom as they truly keep her close, especially on days when you miss her the most. I so agree with you … it has been my honor and joy to take care of my mom when she has needed me after all she has done for me. May you have a most blessed Mother’s Day!!!

    • It’s always a joy to see you here, Joanne! I think we have been made like-minded through our Christian faith–and our Italian heritage that always takes care of their families. It’s a blessing to know we share so much in common.
      Have a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

  6. Beautiful. I hope to be able to take care of my Mom some day as well. Mom’s are full of so many this.

    • Thanks, Bonnie. It was really a blessing to care for my Mom. I was fortunate though, because she was always sharp and conversant regardless of health issues.

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